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Play responsibly

Our mission is to make online sports betting and online games both entertaining, transparent and fair. It is important to us that all our users play responsibly. Our strategy and approach is based on our core values, and we have a clear goal not to facilitate irresponsible gaming behavior, money laundering or the like. Online games are a very popular form of entertainment, but can unfortunately become a problem for anyone. We recognize that we have a responsibility to keep online games entertaining. We support responsible gaming, and therefore you will also find links on this page that refer to Danish Centers for Gaming Addiction, Self Exclusion, Professional Advice as well as additional useful information.

1.1 Age Limit

It is not legal for persons under the age of 18 to participate in any type of gambling.

1.2 The Danish Gambling Authority’s guide

If you think you may be addicted to games, we recommend that you call the Danish Gambling Authority’s help line, StopSpillet, where you can get completely free advice. You will have the opportunity to speak with a professional advisor or, if necessary, free access to treat your gaming addiction.

You can contact StopSpillet at the following telephone number: 70 22 28 25.

1.3 Danish gaming addiction treatment centers

You can always contact the Danish gaming addiction treatment centers if you think you could have a problematic relationship with games. The treatment is free. You will find an overview of all Danish treatment centers here:

Overview of Danish gaming addiction treatment centers

1.4 The Register for Self-Exclusion

You can always register in the Danish register ROFUS if you wish to voluntarily exclude yourself from online games. It is the Gambling Authority’s Register of Voluntarily Excluded Players who have either temporarily or permanently excluded themselves from participating in any kind of online game. You can also test your own gaming addiction in ROFUS.

If you want to register yourself in ROFUS, you can do so here .

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